Rona’s 5th Birthday Party

So, my mum has invited me to do some posts on her blog. I’m going to call my bit, ‘In the Kitchen with Marjaneh’. And, what a cool way to kick off  — a party. Not just any party. One of my bestties had her 5th birthday party not too long ago at this cute little place called the Taste Bud. It was like one giant miniature kitchen where we…..well, why don’t I just show you?

Oh, by the way. I’m Marjaneh. I’m 7. You may have seen me photo bomb a few of my mother’s shots.

That’s Rona, the birthday girl. She loves to pose for the camera. She’s a natural!

Let me show you around a bit. Clockwise from the top left: The space — was amazing. It has a shabby chic vibe that I just love. The cake. Totally adorable. Cracking eggs. Imagine the look of horror on my mum’s face when our instructor said we could taste the batter AFTER we added the eggs. Classic. Don’t worry mum, we all survived! The 3 Amigos – Rona, Rona’s big sis, Kema and moi!! I am going to eat my cupcakes now while you enjoy the rest of the snaps! Until next time, smooches!!!

Thanks for coming to my party!!!

Thanks for coming to my party!!!

082 331 9987 | | Located in the Fourways Area of Johannesburg’s North Suburbs



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